Facility Management Recruitment Services

Facility Management Recruitment Services

Service Details:
  • Gender preference: Male / Female
  • Industry type: Facility Management Services
  • No of persons required: As per Requirement
  • Qualification Requirement: Degree / Diploma or As per Requirement

We render Facility Management Recruitment Services to source the best candidates suitable to the job profile sent our clients engaged in diversified industries. Facility management is the key domain of most of the industries, which is growing at fast pace. Our panel of experts evaluates the candidates through written test and personal interviews to make sure best candidates get selected. This service is specifically designed by us to serve the healthcare centers, sports stadiums, schools and business office complexes.

Skills required in facility management domain:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outstanding management
  • Capable of managing the tasks according to preferences
  • Knowledgeable about particular domain

Jobs available in Facility Management:
  • Labors and Helpers Recruitment Service
  • Cleaners Recruitment Service
  • Equipment Operators Recruitment Service
  • Supervisors Recruitment Service
  • Security persons Recruitment Service
  • Site Supervisors Recruitment Service
  • Team leaders Recruitment Service

Fiber Plant Manpower Recruitment Services

Service Details:
  • Job location: India / Abroad
  • Industry: Fiber Plant Manpower Services
  • No of persons required: As per Requirement
  • Qualification Requirement: Degree / Diploma or As per Requirement

Because of the large requirement and demand of plastic and fiber, investors are giving more interest in the investments in Fiber Plant sector. Ajeet's is one of reputed and finest recruitment consultancy in this sector of employment. It provides recruitment services not only in India but also outside of the country. The other country includes Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Philippines etc. With the help of our efficient professionals, we have been able to provide rapid services for Plastic and Fiber Plant recruitment. Under these services, we take responsibility of providing perfect candidate, who are skilled have technical knowledge and aid in enhancing the overall production as well as agency’s profit. The experts of our agency maintains good relations with the employers to know what they need and then search for the best and most skilled candidate for their manufacturing unit, accordingly. We are proud to announce that our agency is successful in recruitment from last few years. The recruited candidates are now holding the positions like plant manager, engineers, product designer, plant worker, labor helper, plant supervisor and plant operator. By this recruitment process our sole aim is to provide determined and efficient manpower to the firm which helps in improving the productivity beyond expectation, and we got high appreciation for this. Plastic engineers, moulding experts and plenty other positions are open with our overseas clients from the Gulf Middle East for Plastic Fiber Plant Recruitment.

We are now hiring for the following positions:
  • Engineers Recruitment Service
  • Plant Managers Recruitment Service
  • Plant Supervisors Recruitment Service
  • Labours and Helpers Recruitment Service
  • Plant workers Recruitment Service
  • Plant Operators Recruitment Service

EPC Contractual Recruitment Services

Service Details:
  • Industry: Prefabrication / Waste water / Metal / Petrochemical / Chemical segments / Mining
  • Job Location: Global

EPC is the ever growing sector as it finds extensive applications in all industrial, commercial and residential construction structures. To suffice the client's requirements, we stringently screen the candidates on various parameters to make sure best candidates are selected skilled in particular domain. We evaluate the skills of candidates by means of written test and personnel interview to provide best candidates for electrical, construction and procurement domain. Our EPC Contracting Recruitment Services provide suitable workforce for industries like prefabrication, waste water, metal, petrochemical, chemical segments and mining.

Skills required for EPC contracting industry:
  • Knowledgeable about particular domain fully
  • Must know how to handle the project
  • Capable of operating and maintaining the works
  • Able to work in all weather conditions

Job profiles available in EPC contracting:
  • Procurement Manager Recruitment Service
  • Electricians Recruitment Service
  • Senior Estimators Recruitment Service
  • Safety Engineers Recruitment Service
  • Project Quality Manager Recruitment Service
  • Proposal Analysts Recruitment Service
  • Project Control Manager Recruitment Service

Educator and Trainer Recruitment Services

Education is one of the cornerstones of society in the World. Other common roles listed by education recruitment agencies are Exam Invigilators and Nursery Nurses. Teaching jobs can be extremely challenging in many circumstances and certainly require a high degree of patience, but educators typically find the work extremely rewarding nonetheless.

Skills required in educator & trainer domain:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Professional Development: Adaptability
  • High Level of Confidence
  • Team Player
  • Continuous Learner
  • Imaginative
  • Innovative
  • Ability to Manage Online Reputation
  • Ability to Engage
  • Understanding of Technology
  • Know When to Unplug
  • Ability to Empower


Jobs Available In Facility Management for Educator and Trainer:
  • Program / Project Manager
  • Task Analyst
  • Content Developer
  • Organizational Alignment Personnel
  • College Faculty
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Instructor
  • Middle School Teacher
  • School Administrator
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Training Needs Analyst
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Assessment Strategy & Development Officer
  • Change Implementation
    Management Staff
  • Dean
  • High School Teacher
  • Junior High School Teacher
  • Professor
  • Student Services
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