Steel Plant Recruitment Services

Steel Plant Manpower Recruitment Services

Service Details:
  • Workers: Semi - skilled / Skilled
  • Recruitment: Global
  • Manpower required: As per requirement
  • Work Location: Middle East
  • Industry/Application: Steel Plant

Ajeet's being one of the most trusted Steel Plant Manpower Recruitment Services that allows the Middle East Steel Plant companies to recruit the best resources available in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal to top the list.

The job posts in the Steel Plant Recruitment segment available with our clients are as follows:
  • Engineers
  • Plant Manger
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Safety Manager
  • Machine Operator

Steel Plant Staff Recruitment Services

Service Details:
  • Recruitment : Global
  • Industry type: Steel
  • No of persons required: As per Requirement
  • Qualification Requirement: Degree / Diploma or As per Requirement

We provide Steel Plant Staff Recruitment Services to number of clients throughout the world, with highly trained and passionate individuals eager to make their mark on the growth and expansion of the company. We acknowledge the huge potential and demand in steel plant industry and to meet those demands, our recruitment team chooses specialized and experienced workforce. We have standardized pattern on which we recruit candidates and the best of the lot is given go-ahead. Our clients are i n India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh etc.

  • Equipped to handle latest technology
  • Can handle tough environment
  • Implication of safety technique
  • Has understanding of steel market

  • Engineers Recruitment Service
  • Shift supervisor Recruitment Service
  • Plant managers Recruitment Service
  • Machine operators Recruitment Service
  • Detailers Recruitment Service
  • Safety managers Recruitment Service
  • Labor and helpers Recruitment Service

Steel Plant Recruitment Services

Service Details:
  • Industry: Steel Industry
  • Location: India / Abroad
  • No of persons required: As per Requirement
  • Qualification Requirement: Degree / Diploma or As per Requirement

There are numerous factories coming up in different parts of the world for structural steel and plate fabrication, leading to a wide range of lucrative managerial and technical job openings. Ajeet's serves quite a few employers in Steel Plant Sector, located both in India and outside. We can give jobseekers the best career opportunity in the structural steel and plate fabrication industry.

Requirement of skills for this sector:
  • Specialization in at least one or multiple processes
  • Knowledge of computers and other advanced equipment
  • Excellent planning, supervisory and problem-solving skills for managers
  • Good understanding of the structural steel industry

Positions available in this sector:
  • Assemblers and fabricators Recruitment Service
  • Industrial machinery mechanics Recruitment Service
  • Engineers Recruitment Service
  • Inspectors and testers Recruitment Service
  • Maintenance workers Recruitment Service
  • Machine operators Recruitment Service
  • Project managers Recruitment Service

Semi Skilled Manpower Supply Services

Service Details:
  • Gender Preferred: Male
  • Service Duration: As Required
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Unit

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